Code of Conduct

Teacher’s registered on LearnKidsOnline Academy are our brand ambassadors and are essential to provide a positive learning experience for parents & learners. We are continuously sharing our experiences and platforms to give independence to teachers. This enables teachers to offer great class experience.

Telegram/Whatsapp will be used for sharing homework/materials and communication among Teacher, Parent and LearnKidsOnline admin.

Poor experience to learners (except occasional cases) or breaching following guidelines may lead to teacher’s restriction or a permanent ban –

1. Sharing personal contact details to join classes outside of LearnKidsOnline Academy. This includes sharing phone numbers or links to another platform.
2. Missing a class.
3. Starting a class more than 5 minutes late or ending class early.
4. Canceling class with less than 24 hours’ notice, except in case of emergencies.
5. Consistent poor Internet Connectivity.
6. Providing poor class experience in terms of curriculum or class delivery except occasional cases.
7. Posting prerequisites or materials late in classes or not posting at all.
8. Parents complain about the teacher’s behavior.
9. There will be no partial payment for classes till the complete monthly cycle of classes is over.

We are open to hear teacher’s feedback and helping them succeed on the platform. There will be a notification of breach as warning. Failing to improve will lead to a permanent ban.